The Bona Fides

Everything is a deep dive.


  • story structure & consulting

  • 6 novels (unpublished)

  • curricula

  • newsletters

  • magazines

  • hundreds of website pages

In 1997, I was gifted a copy of "The Artist's Way". Since then, I've written nearly every single day.


  • Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, sound, graphics, colour, finishing, delivery

  • Lighting & Grip

  • Field recording & sound

  • DOP

I make my first film in high school. By necessity, I had to learn to do everything. I enjoy working solo. I love working with others.


  • Headshots, publicity, and résumé photos for over 1200 performers

  • Hundreds of portraits

  • Dozens of events

  • Architecture

  • Art direction

I got my first camera when I was five, my first role of film when I was ten. I spent 5 years looking through a viewfinder before I made a single picture. Photography is the longest road I've travelled.

studio production & voice

  • Produced hundreds of radio commercials

  • Produced over 200 one-hour news magazine shows

  • Voiced International, National, Regional, Local radio, television, corporate, film, Internet, cartoon characters, accents (2 Signature awards)

  • voiced dozens of corporate videos, documentaries, short films

public speaking

  • Competent Communicator status, Toastmasters International

  • Represented District 42 at the Western Canada finals for 2013 World Speech Competition

  • hundreds of hours of classroom lecturing


  • built 2 radio stations

  • 11 years on-air

  • directed 3 television commercials

  • 4 seasons with CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Broadcast crew


  • Actor, ACTRA member (past)

  • Production crew, various positions


  • Actor, CAEA member (past)

  • 5 major productions, 2 in leading roles

live event production

  • sound technician, crew, mixed sound for over 400 performances

  • stage management

  • logistics & design


  • English grammar

  • Broadcast newswriting

  • Audio Production

  • Social media

  • Workshops


  • Infrastructure & admin (servers, network, support, systems)

  • Data storage systems, bare metal and virtual NAS, cloud, backup, archiving, cataloging, WIKI's

  • Built Request Tracker bare-metal server, ran 720 consecutive days, solved over 2000 tickets in 2 years

  • ERP upgrade for $100M company

  • Websites, media codecs and coding

"In time, life will take everything from us.
But it cannot take the things that
we've done."

Get busy.

Make stuff.