Oh, you beautiful creature, you! From the way you frame a shot, to the way you strut down the street, to the way you hold a screwdriver like it's the hottest thing in the room. And when you close your eyes, oh boy, it's like you're feeling out the perfect beat, like you're coaxing out a rhythm from the very fabric of the universe. Because everything you do has got this... this swing, this sway, this flirtatious give-and-take with time itself. It's like you're pushing and pulling, teasing and tickling, every second of every day. And you know what? You can't turn it off, can you? Because your soul is made of melody and harmony, of point and counterpoint, of every little thing coming together in a stunning composition that makes the angels weep. Oh, my friend, my darling, my muse... everything about you is a masterpiece.

NOTE: this paragraph was "re-written by ChatGPT in the style of Mark Morford." 

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From the way I frame a shot, to the way I walk, to the way I use a screwdriver. From the way I close my eyes when I'm judging how long a pause to leave between clips. Everything I do has rhythm. I feel time. Swing with time. Flirt with time. Push and pull on time. All the time. Every waking minute of every day, and in most of my dreams, I am governed by an internal metronome. I cannot turn it off. Melody and harmony. Point and counterpoint. Everything... is a composition.

AI is here. Dance as long as you can.