"I was born with a suitcase heart."

photo credit: Chehala Leonard
Grande Cache, Alberta

When someone asks me, "what do you do?", I get a little nervous. I usually say something stupid like, "where do I start?" To be truthful, I do a lot of different things.

Currently, you might find me working as a photographer, a video producer, a story consultant, an audio engineer or an IT professional. Sometimes all at the same time. Needless to say, I don't watch a lot of television.

Shame, really. I'm missing so much good television.

If you're curious about that one-line story in the section above, read this.

Then, here is my thus-far, in-progress, body of work, an odyssey that spans clear across the media landscape, above and below the ocean of technology, and winds up in the mystical land of storytelling.

How on earth did I get here?

One day, that might be another story.

Everything is a deep dive.

Infinitely curious. Unapologetic geek. Story is my superpower. I help people get unstuck. Good with computers. Open source supporter. My legacy will be the dreams I helped others build. One of these days I'll publish one of these damned books.


  • Headshots, publicity, and résumé photos for over 1200 performers

  • Hundreds of portraits

  • Dozens of events

  • Architecture is my newest obsession


  • Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, sound, graphics, colour, finishing, delivery

  • Story consulting

  • Lighting & Grip

  • Field recording & sound


  • 6 novels (unpublished)

  • curricula

studio production & voice

  • Hundreds of radio commercials produced

  • Over 200 one-hour news magazine shows produced

  • International, National, Regional, Local radio, television, corporate, film, Internet, cartoon characters, accents, voiced (2 awards)

  • dozens of corporate videos, documentaries, short films voiced


  • 2 radio stations built

  • 11 years on-air

  • 3 television commercials directed

  • 4 seasons with CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival Broadcast crew


  • Actor, ACTRA member (past)

  • Production crew, various


  • Actor, CAEA member (past)

live event production

  • sound technician, crew, mixed sound for over 400 performances

  • stage management

  • logistics & design


  • Infrastructure (servers, network, support, systems)

  • Data storage systems, bare metal and virtual NAS, cloud, backup, archiving, cataloging, WIKI's

  • ERP upgrade

  • Websites, media


  • English grammar

  • Broadcast newswriting

  • Audio Production

  • Social media

  • Workshops

public speaking

  • Competent Communicator status, Toastmasters International

  • Represented District 42 at the Western Canada finals for 2013 World Speech Competition

"In time, life will take everything from us.
But it cannot take the things that
we've done.
Let us be grateful for that."

Get busy and make stuff.