"This financial recovery is a refreshing take on the mundane narrative from banks, mainstream financial media and ivory tower advisors. If you feel there's a financial splinter in your mind, this podcast will gladly remove it. "

-Recovering Bankster

What I provide:
Post Production,

I handle post audio mastering of this weekly podcast. I also serve as ongoing story consultant, guiding its evolution toward the host-producer's intended goal. Long-term vision plus short-term growth.

I also contribute some of the promotional photography work.

Check out the Recovering Bankster.


Each week, I receive a high bit rate .mp4 video file from Adrian. File transfers happen via Google Drive. I drop it onto Ocenaudio to extract the audio track and then export as .wav The audio is used for both a video channel and a podcast platform, so timing must be preserved across deliveries.

I use REAPER DAW with a custom template to produce the show. I drop the episode's .wav file onto Adrian's channel with its own custom effects rack. I adjust the clip volume to -3dB and then set a soft limiter to prevent any peaking. I adjust the timing of the pre-produced intro and extro clips and render a master in .wav and a deliverable in .mp3, 16/44.1/192kHz.