"holo-blog podcast is a series of conversations, ideas, opinions, and a tangential journey to all things design. holo-blog is an audio-only production from holo-blok architecture inc. "

What I provide:
Writing, research, hosting, recording, production, mixing, delivery, social media.

I handle the entire gamut of podcast production from writing to final social media promotion. This is a 100% labour of love.

Check out the holo-blog podcast.


I write each episode on Google Docs, sharing with whomever is necessary. I record interviews and foley on a combination of Zoom H6 and H2n Pro recorders with or without external microphones depending on the location. Files are pre-processed with Ocenaudio. My narration is done with a Zoom Mid/Side microphone capsule mounted on an ECM-3 extension cable running through a Presonus Firebox Firewire interface. I have my own custom VST input effects rack.

Episode assembly and mixing happens inside Reaper using a set of customized templates and post audio effects racks. I mix on a Presonus Faderport and master on Presonus Eris 3.5 speakers. I render a .wav master file and then to 16/44.1 .mp3 for uploading to anchor.fm. I back up the entire project on an external 8TB drive with a NexStar duplicator.

For those interested, HB.05 explains my process and philosophy in depth.